About Ronin Studios

Ronin Studios is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic creators realize their dreams of working in the comic industry.

Through our forums and various projects we strive to assist people gain experience in the comic field. Our volunteer staff provide valuable experience and guidance for every aspect of comic creation.

Our highest goal is to see all members achieve the experience they need to be successful in the ever changing comic market.

While Ronin Studios is not a publisher in the traditional sense we do have various publications with contributions by members.

About Ronin Illustrated

Ronin Illustrated is our flagship production featuring short stories by many of our up and coming members. Stories range from serious to humorous, silly to inspirational and everything in between.

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About HOPE

The HOPE line of anthologies was born out of neccesity. Various calamities and emergencies prompted a desire for awareness and fund raising. Using the skills of our members and many other creators we have created a line of comic books dedicated to providing for those who cannot provide for themselves. Proceeds from these books go to various charities.

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